Thursday, March 1, 2012

One Man and Five Women......

No matter how you look at it, I think that when you have a ratio as 5:1 men to women, the atmosphere becomes weird, confusing and passive aggresive.  Especially in the work place!  I think men feel that it is unnatural to confront women in the workplace and tell them what needs to be corrected.  I think women band together and for an alliance that they are a victim of "unsenistivity".  Now, both could be correct?  But, I think that if you could just address the issues when they would be so much easier!!!!! 
Think about this....just say you are in a relationship (work or personal) where you actually talked right away about your issues and explained why thinks make you happy or upset and were validated.
But, not only were you validated, there was an automatic change in his or her behavior.  I think it would be a healthy relationship because acting in that way would show so much respect for one another.

My opinion when one man is around five women, it's a little difficult for that man to be heard.  Also, it is frustrating for the women around one man because everyone has a different perspective of how a man should act and treat a woman.  Society had created a role for men and women.  We have created what we want a man and a woman to be.
I think in an intimate place, like a work place , it is easy to see the conflict and frustration.
But, with no bend, and no listenin or validating....same issue will arise over and over again.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

During the day....

I just finished the first part of the day.  It comes down to the last half hour and all I want to do is eat my lunch, re energize and start the second part with a fresh outlook! Sometimes I feel like I am drained by conversations or heart filled stories that make me just want to cry.  Today the most upsetting story was of my client who at age 12 lost her mom.  It makes me think that we all have a timeline, and when your time is up, that's it.
Of course, you can workout, eat right, stay as healthy as possible, but sometimes it just doesn't matter.  This mom was healthy and athletic, very sad.  I think in a positive way to look at something like this, you can see how wonderful of a person and parent my client has turned out to be.
Life is so crazy and full of insane stories.  Sometimes it's good stories that make your life rich and happy. Sometimes stories that have helped carved your soul and spirit into something crazy and insane.
I have to took until my thirties to appreciate all of my stories.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Single people are scary!!

It's been awhile since I've blogged....more than a couple of years!!  Here's the deal, single people are scary.  I've been divorced for over a year and separated for two....single people scare me.  I am now 33 years old, the majority of women I meet are extremely intense and are afraid that I may try and take their man, or should I say the single men in the dating pool.
I want to say," Relax ladies!!! Stop being crazy!! That is why you are single ahhhhhhh!" Of course, I know I am crazy, but in a fun way, not in a "I'm desperate please take me and let me have your first born!"
I like to think I'm crazy in the way that I am heading to South Africa by myself for two weeks!!
Anyway, my advice is this.....start loving yourself.  Do not look for someone else to make your life complete.  Look inside work on you and remember happiness comes from within.  If you are lucky to find someone that makes it okay to be you and compliments the person you are, than awesome!! on being okay with you.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ladies we need to wake-up!!

Well, today I did some research for all of my single female clients. I asked men what does it mean when we do not get a call back right away? Example. Sue goes out with Larry and has a great time..Larry tells Sue he will call her and says he had a wonderful time also. Two days,three days, a week goes by no phone call to Sue.  Sooo, Sue decides she will text Larry to say she had a great time and thank you......still no response from Larry.  Sue waits a few more days, sends another text, this time telling Larry she is free on Friday for drinks if interested if not no big deal, let her know.  No response.
So my question today was, "Why say you will call?" and two, " Is he interested but just busy and  does it help to keep texting?"
Answer: He is not interested....if he was he would respond....if he was busy he would let her know.
Conclusion: Move on....suck up the do not think past A, plain and simple. He has no interest what so ever.
(Stick to puppies!)
I felt very sick in my stomache because it is horrible to hear the truth when its not what you would like to hear.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Getting enough sleep..good or bad?

Honestly, I think after thirty sleep is no longer an option. I feel your body naturally wakes you up earlier. I have been excercising in the morning, which helps with the lack of sleep because I get up so early, but even so my natural wake-up time is 6:30 am! Crazy!
I still function and run a business with a happy face whether or not I sleep or not. I think sleep is mind over matter. Tonight I plan on going to bed now and hopefully getting enough sleep so I am extra happy at 5:30 in the morning. Now, if I think that six hours is not enough sleep already in my mind then...I will be in a bad mood when I first get up. Which means not getting enough sleep was bad.
Confusing I know...time for bed.